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    Hello HongKong.


    Kaori Farm in Satsuma is located in Kagoshima prefecture, at the southernmost part of mainland Japan, where farmers are producing and processing garlic.

    We strive to produce vegetables that are delicious, safe to eat for all and filled with the local flavors of the fields surrounded by active volcanoes, Sakurajima and lush mountains






    Our products are sold in Hong Kong, Wan Chai and Kowloon Now on sale!!!

    Lee Tung Avenue Okashi land


    ▲Kori's garlic chips

    ▲Kaori's salt koji garlic


    Yucinca Meat house

    ▲Kaori’sblack garlic,Kaori's salt koji garlic


    Raw garlic fermented and aged slowly, over a longer period of time. It is a healthy food with high antioxidant power, which tastes like prunes, and it contains tens of times larger amounts of "S-Allyl cysteine" "amino acids" and "polyphenol" when compared to raw garlic.

    You only need to peel the skin and you can eat it as is.

    Don't throw out the skin, instead, put it in a cup and pour some hot water on it to enjoy a delicious peel tea.

    You can also chop it up and use it as a topping for your pizza, salad or as an ingredient for your gyoza dumplings. We also recommend having it as a simple side dish with alcohol: just wrap a peeled black garlic in prosciutto.




    I will go to Hong Kong from September 24th to 26th.

    I look forward to seeing you all.

    I wish all my favorite Hong Kong people will be happy.

    see you soon!!!

    Thank you very much!!!



    ▲Kagoshima Prefecture special garlic

    Very good garlic for health and beauty
    Cancer prevention
    In research on foods that are effective in preventing cancer in the United States, garlic was the first theme. 
    Currently, the most important aspect of cancer prevention is how to increase the body's natural healing power. 
    Garlic contains many ingredients that enhance the body's natural healing power and prevent cancer.
    Cold prevention
    The first cause of cold is fatigue. Allicin, a substance in garlic, works to relieve fatigue and improve energy. 
    It also weakens the cold virus by its powerful bactericidal power.
    I recently discovered that garlic baths are effective against atopic dermatitis. It is said that allicin improves blood 
    circulation in the skin.
    Liver disease 
    It is well known that garlic is good when you have a hangover. Garlic activates cell tissues, strengthens and 
    protects the liver. 
    Diabetes mellitus 
    To prevent diabetes, it is important to promote carbohydrate energy metabolism and increase pancreatic insulin secretion. Arithiamine, which is formed by combining allicin and vitamin B1 contained in garlic, has strong carbohydrate metabolism energy. Allicin also binds to vitamin B6 in the body and activates the pancreas. 
    Asthma / bronchitis 
    The most difficult part of asthma and bronchitis is a cough with sputum. Garlic has the effect of removing wrinkles, 
    so you can control the symptoms. As for bronchitis, it can even improve your constitution. 
    High blood pressure 
    High blood pressure is caused by poor blood flow due to dirt that accumulates inside the blood vessels and 
    blood that has become muddy with cholesterol and neutral fat. Allicin contained in garlic expands blood vessels,
     removes dirt from blood vessels, and has the effect of lowering cholesterol
    The effects of garlic as a tonic have been well known for a long time, but in modern medicine, actions such as stimulating
     gonadal hormones have been revealed. This effect of garlic is said to have immediate effect, and it is said that the effect 
    appears in 6 to 12 hours after meal.
    Prevents cell aging due to active oxygen
    Recently, cancer, aging, and adult diseases are said to be active. Of course, it has an anti-oxidation function to protect 
    itself from active oxygen, but its function also declines with age. Garlic contains strong antioxidant components called 
    diallylsulfide and allixin, both of which have the property of being easily associated with oxygen. These are oxidized on 
    behalf of the living body to prevent damage caused by active oxygen.
    Improve blood circulation 
    Ajoene produced by heating allicin has strong antithrombotic and cholesterol-suppressing effects.
     It prevents arteriosclerosis and makes blood smooth. In addition, because blood circulation improves, 
    it is also effective for stiff shoulders, coldness and neuralgia.   
    Outstanding sterilization power 
    Allicin has strong antibacterial and bactericidal activity. Even if it is diluted 120,000 times (just one drop in the pool), 
    it will not lose its potency, and it has a tremendous power to kill Vibrio cholerae, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus,
     Escherichia coli and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is said that 72 kinds of infectious diseases can be suppressed 
    by garlic. Therefore, it shows strong resistance against flu and influenza virus. Such a strong bactericidal 
    power is considered to protect the body when garlic is attacked by external enemies (such as insects). Antibacterial power, which is said to be superior to penicillin and mycin, is a natural antibiotic for garlic. That is why it is said.







    使用生蒜頭經長時間發酵熟成後才能完成。在味道方面類似梅乾,但是與生蒜頭相比擁有數十倍之多的S-烯丙基半胱氨酸(S-allyl cysteine)、胺基酸、多酚(polyphenol),是擁有極高抗氧化能力的健康食品。










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